The United Arts Alliance holds three major annual events that promote and acknowledge the arts, and artists, in Rock County.

JAC Awards

Our largest fundraiser, The Janesville Area Creativity Awards showcases local talent and awards the best in the business.
Join us for the 2014 JAC Awards on February 1st!


Arts Fest is a chance for local artisans to showcase and sell their goods. Fun activities for kids makes ArtsFest a great family outing to show support for your local artists.

UAA Arts Hall of Fame

Individuals who have made significant contributions to the arts in Rock County are honored with an induction into the Arts Hall of Fame.


UAA provides scholarship opportunities for local students, traditional and non-traditional, who have been highly involved in the local art community.

Creative Vision

Going forward, UAA is excited to partner with Janesville Performing Arts Center to sponsor a series of talks called CREATIVE VISION: Sustaining Arts in Rock County.  These will lay the foundation for strategic planning for the future of arts in Janesville and Rock County.  As part of Creative Vision talks, UAA will bring 4 speakers per year, who will help our arts community work together towards developing and implementing a joint vision.   The first of these talks will take place on July 17 at 8 am at JPAC.  You are invited to attend and then participate in the discussions that will follow on that date and beyond.

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