Hall of Fame Nomination Form


The United Arts Alliance invites YOU to nominate for the UAA Arts Hall of Fame a person or persons who have made a significant contribution to the growth and well-being of the arts in Rock County which has impacted the quality of life in the community.. Since 2001, UAA has honored community members for their work to keep our county creative and vibrant through the arts.

Nominees must meet the following criteria to be eligible

• Have made a significant impact in at least one area of the arts (visual, performance, or academic) by creating, teaching, producing, presenting, volunteering or financially supporting the arts in Rock County for at least 10 or more years, OR if the nominee is not an artist, he/she must have made a significant impact in at least one area of the arts in Rock County by producing, presenting, volunteering, or financially supporting the arts forat least 10 or more years. The nominee may be alive or deceased.

• The honor is not about the quality of the art, but about the impact the individual has made on the arts and quality of life in Rock County.

How to Submit an Arts Hall of Fame Nomination:

The following nomination information must be submitted no later than April 15, 2016. Previous nominees who were not selected are eligible to be nominated again, but a complete nomination packet must be resubmitted. A samplenarrative format and letter of support are included below. A copy of this form is available here at http://www.rockcountyarts.com.

Please include a narrative including the following information explaining why you are nominating this candidate. The narrative must not exceed two typed pages.

• The contact information for the person submitting the nomination, including name, address, phone number,and email address.

• The contact information for the nominee, including name, address, phone number, and email address.

• A clear, concise description of the nominee’s area(s) of artistic expertise including all aspects of their work (e.g. visual artist, teacher, and board member).

• The nominee’s most significant accomplishments in their field of art.

• How Rock County has benefited from the nominee’s artistic endeavors.

• Any awards the candidate has received in his/her area of expertise.

• Any other information you feel the committee should know about the nominee.

The nomination must also include the following supporting materials:

• At least 3-5 letters of support from people who can speak to different aspects of the nominee’s artistic contributions (i.e. piano student, colleague, church choir member, a member of an arts group the person is active with). Optional: Examples of the artist’s work or articles about the nominee’s work, 3 maximum.

Application must be submitted as one packet including the narrative and all supporting materials.

The nominations will be reviewed & honorees selected by a confidential panel of judges who are not currently active in UAA .

Mail nomination application to: UAA Arts Hall of Fame | c/o Janesville Community Radio, Inc. 321 E Milwaukee St., Janesville, WI 53545 OR  Drop off nomination packet (during regular business hours) at Janesville Community Radio Inc., 321 E Milwaukee St., Janesville, WI 53545

Questions? Contact Alicia Reid 608-757-2622 or email ravenswish@sbcglobal.net

Previous Inductees:

 To view the list of previous inductees, please go to: http://www.rockcountyarts.com.

Sample Arts Hall of Fame Nomination Narrative

• Contact information for person submitting nomination.

Name | Address | City, State | Phone | Email

• Contact information for nominee.

Name | Address | City, State | Phone | Email

• Area of artistic expertise.


Since 1970 Jane Doe has been fostering a lifelong love of music in children as a teacher, performer, and arts supporter. Jane moved to Rock County with her husband Jack Doe and immediately began teaching piano lessons to neighborhood children. She also began entertaining friends in her home with monthly concerts, which eventually became community concerts with the ABC Music Organization. She has served as amember, board member, and board president of ABC Music Organization. In 1980 she began a children’s choir at XYZ Church that continues to this day. While Jane stopped teaching in 1995, she continues to be an avid supporter of the arts as an audience member, volunteer, and philanthropist.

Sample Letter of Support

Dear Arts Hall of Fame:

I am writing in support of Jane Doe’s nomination for the 2013 Arts Hall of Fame. I have had the pleasure of knowing Jane since she moved in next door in 1970. Her house has always been filled with music, making it a joyous place for my family to spend our time.

In 1973 my youngest son Ryan was having a tough time making friends at school. He was in 3rd grade and even though he had to gone to school with many of the kids since pre-school, he was just too shy to make any close friends. Jane suggested piano lessons as a way for him to develop a skill and self-confidence. I was skeptical, but we decided to give it a chance since Ryan showed interest.

It was as though we found the key to Ryan when he started his lessons. He loved to practice and sped through each book Jane gave him. One day before music class at school he asked his teacher if he could play Happy Birthday for a classmate on the piano. He sat down and played without any music and his classmates were amazed. By high school he had earned a reputation for being able to sit down at the piano and play practically anything and had taken up the bass as well. Not only had he found his niche, he had found his self-confidence and the courage to reach out to people.Ryan went to the University of Somewhere and majored in Music Education. He is now the artistic director of the State Youth Symphony Orchestra. He says he is honored to share his love of music with this generation the way Jane Doe did with him.We are so thankful for Jane’s contributions to the community, not just for Ryan, but for the hundreds of children Jane introduced to music. I wholeheartedly support ABC Music Organization’s nomination of Jane Doe to the UAA Arts Hall of Fame.