JAC Awards Past Winners

2015 JAC Awards

Dance Groups – sponsored by UAA

First Position
Dance Attitudes – Winner
Senior Center Poms

Writer – sponsored by Hedberg Public Library
Ellen Stumbo – blogger
Jamie Swenson – If You Were a Dog (children’s book)
Jim Lyke – Mirror Image (stage play) – Winner

Fine Arts Educator – sponsored by UAA
Maryanne Messier – Monroe Elementary – Winner
Maria Kane – Craig HS
Melissa McFadden – Craig HS

Performing Arts Educator – sponsored by Voigt Music
Tanya Adtkins – Dance Attitudes
Sarah Baior – First Position – Winner
Vicki Neitzel – JPAC Youth Choir

Original Film – sponsored by JAX Custom Printing
ZenLyke – Rocky Road
Drywater Productions – The Bus Ride
Tim Hall – Life Dance – Winner

Solo Performer – sponsored by Theresa Carroll
David Haralson
Ken Wagman
Sydney Mallon – Winner

Live Band – sponsored by Knapton Musik Knotes
The Pancake Riot – Winner
Evan Riley Band

Emerging Star – sponsored by Hufcor
Kolten Bell – WInner

Jhonatan “Chango” Robledo
Charlie Rashkin
Norah Swenson
Ethan Hough
Jessica Minter – Winner
Sydney Mallon

Roots Award – sponsored by Mercy Health Systems
Pete Lee – Winner
Seth Loncar
Zack Hudson

Culinary Arts – sponsored by Park City Family Restaurant
Lukes Deli
Bridget’s Bakery – Winner
GRs Sandwhich
South Padre Food Truck
Lorianna’s Sweetlife

Dennis Vechinsky Award for Theatre Production – sponsored by John Feeney
Real Story (JPAC Education Program) – Winner
Lend Me a Tenor (Beloit Civic Theater)
Tuesdays With Morrie (Stage One)
39 Steps (UW-Rock County)
A Christmas Carol (Stage One)

Actor – sponsored by UAA
Zac Curtis – Tuesdays With Morrie (Mitch) – Winner
Sam Bochet – 39 Steps (Hannay)
Jonathan Marko – Mirror Image (Eric Wright)

Fine Artist – sponsored by Raven’s Wish
Dustin Pageloff – WInner
Larry Schultz
Colleen Frentzel

Photographer – sponsored by UAA
Ariel Valanzuela – Winner
Jason Mielke
Ruth Colby

Actress- sponsored by UAA

Lexie Ganong – Guys and Dolls (Sarah)
Amy Krebs – Stop Kiss (Sara)
Jessica Altmann – Mirror Image (Cheryl) – Winner

Hair – sponsored by UAA
Laura Tunks – Cutting edge salon
Dee Bloom – Diva’s
Angie Hamilton: Deyton’s Designs – Winner

Original Song –  sponsored by Janesville Community Radio
Evan Riley Band — Life Dance – Winner
Ross Sroda – Never Let Go
Angel Gomez a.k.a. Kid Fuss – Lyrical Tactics

Congratulations to the 2014 JAC Award Winners!


 ROOTS AWARD –  Callie Schouten 

sponsored by HufCor

 EMERGING STAR – Chandler Cook

sponsored by Lamar Advertising

 FINE ARTS EDUCATOR – Amy Cossette (Craig High School)

sponsored by Mercy Health System

 PERFORMING ARTS EDUCATOR – Adrian Farris (Monroe Elementary)

sponsored by BMO Health System



Guests voted with their dollars and the JAC Award was given to the nominee who raised the most money.

 ACTOR – Dave Bitter (Fagin, Oliver)

sponsored by Janesville Community Radio

 ACTRESS – DeShawn Christiansen (Lucy, Jekyll & Hyde)

sponsored by UAA

 LIVE BAND – Beloit Janesville Symphony Orchestra

sponsored by Theresa Carroll

 PHOTOGRAPHER – Mary Richards

sponsored by Basics Food Cooperative

 SOLO PERFORMER – Tyler Kerbel

sponsored by Knapton Musik Knotes


sponsored by John Feeney


sponsored by Hedberg Public Library


sponsored by The Little Bean

 DANCE GROUP – First Position Dance Studio

sponsored by 5678 Dance Studio

 FINE ARTIST – Adam Zellmer

sponsored by Raven’s Wish

 ORIGINAL FILM –  Take it From Me (Drywater Productions)

sponsored by Pinky’s Boutique

 ORIGINAL SONG – Uncomplicated Love (Teresa Nguyen)

sponsored by Voigt Music



The 2013 JAC Awards Winners:

JUDGED CATEGORIES, the winners are:

Roots Award:sponsored by HufCor                                        Ben & Josh Calhoun (singer/songwriter team)

Emerging Star: sponsored by Lamar Advertising              Tyler Kerbel (dancer)

Fine Artist: sponsored by Raven’s Wish                               Jim Richter (painter)

Photographer: sponsored by JR Media                                 Jessica Gutzman

Creative Writer: sponsored by Hedberg Public Library  Jim Lyke (screenwriter)

Music Educator: sponsored by Voigt Music                         Lynne Meding

Art Educator: sponsored by Aryll Dynamic Design           Gee Gee Janene

Hair Designer: sponsored by Academy of Cosmetology   Abby McGuire

For Outstanding Achievement in the following
PEOPLE’S CHOICE categories:

Actor: sponsored by Jax Graphix                                                 Jacob Schmidt (Miss Saigon – PHS)

Actress:                                                                                              Jasmine Bianes (Miss Saigon – PHS)    

Theatre Production: sponsored by Mercy Health System   Miss Saigon (Parker HS)

Original Film: sponsored by Local Vision TV                           Tripping with the Planketts by Drywater Productions

Original Song: sponsored by Theresa Carol                              For You Today by Evan Riley

Solo Performer: sponsored by Knapton Music                        Teryn Bordwell (dancer)

Live Band: sponsored by The Exclusive Co.                              Jazzguise

Dance Group: sponsored by First Position                                 Dance Attitudes

Culinary Artist: sponsored by Basics                                       Italian House

2012 JAC Award winners:

See performance highlights on the JAC Awards TV channel on LocalVisionTV.

For Outstanding Achievement in the following judged categories, the winners are:

Fine Artist – Allegrea Rosenberg
Photographer – Mary Redden
Creative Writer – Vivan Creekmore
Hair Stylist – Heidi L. Crull
Music Educator – Dave Rush
Art Educator – Karen Smerlinski
Emerging Star – Stephanie Ahrens
Janesville Roots Award – Anne Basting

For Outstanding Achievement in the following People’s Choice categories, the winners are:

Lead Actor – George Kiskunas
Lead Actress – Stephanie Ahrens
Tattoo Artist – Heather Hess (Alkali)
Original Song – “If You Sing” by Anthony Nguyen
Live Band – JazzguisLive Music Venue – Mocha Moment
Solo Performer – Gaia Galvan
Dance Group – First Position Dance Studio
Theatre Production – Phantom of the Opera
One-Minute Film – “That’s Showbiz” by ZenLyke Productions
Culinary Artist – Emily.Kate.Designs

THANK YOU to our amazing award sponsors:

{ aryll . dynamic . design }  |   Lamar Advertising  |   Hampton Inn
Raven’s Wish  |  Jax Graphix  |  Local Vision TV  |  Voigt Music
Hedberg Public Library
  |  Perfectly Plus  |  Spotlight on Kids
Exclusive Company
  |  Basics Cooperative  |  Knapton Musik Notes
JR Media
  |  The Speakeasy | Exclusive Company  |  Lois Allen
 Janesville Academy of Cosmetology  |  5,6,7,8 Dance Studio  


2011 JAC Awards winners:

Judged Awards
Outstanding Achievement by a Janesville Native – Caleb Burhans
Outstanding Emerging Star – Lexi Ganong
Outstanding Advertisement – Hedberg Public Library
Outstanding Media Personality – Rose Stricker
Outstanding Theater Makeup/Hair – Staci Abrahamson
Outstanding Theater Costume – Cheryl Schneider(Camelot)
Outstanding Hair Designer – Melinda Lanthrop
Outstanding Fine Artist – Sam Ryan
Outstanding Arts Educator – Barbara Mathews
Outstanding Music Educator – Laura Schuler

People’s Choice Awards:

Outstanding Body Artist – Holly Chase
Outstanding Culinary Art – Best Events
Outstanding Dance Group – Craig Spotlighters Show Choir
Outstanding Live Music Venue – Java Joys
Outstanding Theater Production – “Fiddler on the Roof” (Theatre Unlimited)
Outstanding Busker – Jack Sibilski
Outstanding One Minute Film – “Blogger Support Center” (Jim Lyke & Rorbert Jarzen)
Outstanding CD/Song– Mitch Kopnick
Outstanding Live Band – Sapphire String Quartet
Outstanding Solo Performer – Chris Kohn


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