United Arts Alliance Announces

 2014 ARTS Hall of Fame Inductees

Anthony (Tony) J. Farrell, Sr., Janesville:   musician, private music teacher & mentor, community volunteer and business leader

Jim Lyke, Milton:   author, play write, actor, director, radio personality, and

community volunteer

Congratulations to the 2014 JAC Award Winners!


ROOTS AWARD –  Callie Schouten 
sponsored by HufCor

EMERGING STAR – Chandler Cook

sponsored by Lamar Advertising

FINE ARTS EDUCATOR – Amy Cossette (Craig High School)

sponsored by Mercy Health System

PERFORMING ARTS EDUCATOR – Adrian Farris (Monroe Elementary)

sponsored by BMO Health System


Guests voted with their dollars and the JAC Award was given to the nominee who raised the most money.

ACTOR - Dave Bitter (Fagin, Oliver)

sponsored by Janesville Community Radio

ACTRESS - DeShawn Christiansen (Lucy, Jekyll & Hyde)

sponsored by UAA

LIVE BAND - Beloit Janesville Symphony Orchestra

sponsored by Theresa Carroll

PHOTOGRAPHER - Mary Richards

sponsored by Basics Food Cooperative


sponsored by Knapton Musik Knotes


sponsored by John Feeney


sponsored by Hedberg Public Library


sponsored by The Little Bean

DANCE GROUP – First Position Dance Studio

sponsored by 5678 Dance Studio

FINE ARTIST – Adam Zellmer

sponsored by Raven’s Wish

ORIGINAL FILM -  Take it From Me (Drywater Productions)

sponsored by Pinky’s Boutique

ORIGINAL SONG - Uncomplicated Love (Teresa Nguyen)

sponsored by Voigt Music

Welcome to United Arts Alliance!

Originally started in 1996 as a way to create a performing arts space in Janesville, , UAA is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization whose mission is “to foster an improved awareness and appreciation of the arts”.  To do this, every year UAA produces several events, which recognize arts and artists in Rock County, including Arts Hall of Fame and ArtsFest.  Starting in 2011, UAA launched Janesville Area Creativity (JAC) awards, which present awards for creativity of all sorts: from outstanding theater production, to culinary artist and hair designer.  Money raised from JAC awards support our scholarship fund.  Every year, UAA gives out scholarships to several Rock County residents looking to continue their education in art.  Thanks to your support of JAC awards, we have been able to quadruple the amount of each scholarship!

Going forward, UAA is excited to partner with Janesville Performing Arts Center to sponsor a series of talks called CREATIVE VISION: Sustaining Arts in Rock County.  These will lay the foundation for strategic planning for the future of arts in Janesville and Rock County.  As part of Creative Vision talks, UAA will bring 4 speakers per year, who will help our arts community work together towards developing and implementing a joint vision.   The first of these talks took place on July 17 at 8 am at JPAC.  You are invited to attend and then participate in the discussions that will follow on that date and beyond.

UAA general membership meets on the 3rd Wednesday of each month at 8 am at Basics and we hope you will join us, whether you are an artist, an arts organization, an arts business, or an arts supporter.  We are all in this together, and it takes all of us to make Rock County arts scene grow and prosper.

Take a minute to browse this website, check out our calendar of events, and follow United Arts Alliance on Facebook!

Yuri Rashkin


United Arts Alliance

Rock County Arts Table – Artist Teresa Nguyen


Email us: uaarockcounty@gmail.com
  1. * Musical Local artists: Chris Kohn, Roxanne Neat, Yuri Rashkin, and Stephanie Aherns(a former student of mine)
    *Theatre Artists: Allen Jeanette and of course my grandson, Donnie Klukas
    *Painting and Drawing Artists: Val Saxer and Alice Sprecher
    *Sewing/ Quilting Artist: Debbie Dodge, Cathy Jass, Diane Quale and many more…

  2. A photographer IS a fine artist unless he is a commercial photographer. You should have subcategories for fine art or call it painting instead of fine art. I also do not understand the logic of which categories are juried and which are peoples’ choice. Thanks for the work you do.

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